Telephone Systems

We're Southeast Louisiana's best phone system installer for a reason.


The standard in telephone communications.

The SoundStation conference telephone is an icon in American business. The same engineering knowhow and attention to quality goes into every desktop telephone set made by Polycom.

From quality on a budget...

The SoundPoint IP 450 is a good solid desk phone without the bells and whistles.

...To full function operator consoles...

The 650/670 full feature desk phone packs every feature available in a phone system into a well designed, intuitive set. And with the addition of expansion modules, becomes a full service attendant console.

...And cordless handsets without compromise...

Spectralink cordless phones provide desk phone capabilities, such as transfer, hold, park, and paging without the leash. And they use wireless network infrastructure, providing business class wireless coverage as an added bonus.


While the Goliaths of telephony were snoozing, along came David.

Asterisk is the name of the new industry standard in telephone systems, and is responsible for the demise of half of the telephone system manufacturers who dominated the market ten years ago. Why? Because it proved that the best that the old guard cartel had to offer was overpriced junk.

Louisiana Wire and Wireless Co. provides systems using the Asterisk open source PBX software running on a hardware platform certified to survive ten years at temperatures found in the average oven. We call it "the brick" because it's solid as a rock. Your telephone closet will seem like a picnic, and our systems should provide reliable service measured in decades.